Macalister Mansion
Terms & Conditions

I. Scope of Application
1. The following Terms and Conditions apply t o hotel accommodation contracts and all other services provided by
Macalister Mansion to the guest.
2. Alternative provisions, including those in the guest’s general terms and conditions shall not be applicable unless expressly
recognised in writing by Macalister Mansion.

II. Accommodation Contract
1. A hotel accommodation contract is established when the guest receives a booking confirmation from Macalister Mansion.
The booking is binding.
2. The contractual partners are Macalister Mansion and the guest. In the case of a third party booking for the guest, they will both be liable as joint debt ors to Macalister Mansion f or all obligations arising from the contract. Every customer is obliged to pass on to the guest all booking information, inclusive of these Terms and

III. Prices & Payment
1. The guest is obliged to pay the current prices as listed during time of booking for the room and any other services used.
2. Following the conclusion of a contract, Macalister Mansion is entitled to alter prices if the guest requests changes pertaining to the number of rooms reserved, length of stay and services required should Macalister Mansion agree to these changes.

IV. Cancellation
1. The guest can withdraw from the contract at any time. This is regulated by the following:
a) Macalister Mansion shall have claim to reasonable compensation.
b) Macalister Mansion can charge the guest a cancellation fee.

V. Liability
1. Macalister Mansion will not be held responsible for the guest’s safety in relation to acts of God, acts of negligence, accidents, injuries and death.
2. Macalister Mansion reserves the rights to commence legal actions or proceedings against the guest in regard to damages
incurred to the rooms or property during the length of stay.
3. Macalister Mansion is not responsible for any loss or damage of property left in the room during the length of stay.
4. In the e vent of gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Macalister Mansion, the Hotel shall be liable. This applies to the breach of any essential contractual obligation.

VI. Intellectual Property
1. You may not copy, modify, distribute, reproduce, publish and/or use any part of this website without the prior written consent of Macalister Mansion.
2. You may not store, modify, reproduce and/or distribute a significant portion o f the content, design or layout of this website in any form or media without the prior written consent of Macalister Mansion.